How Can FlipSwitch Help You?

Key Benefits

Starting an Online Program

Every year, online and blended learning are playing an increasingly important role in education. Offering online courses for summer school, credit recovery, and AP are great ways to enhance a school’s portfolio of program offerings.

One System One Database

FlipSwitch offers a “full solution” integrated suite of products (SIS, LMS, and Courses) that provide seamless communication between systems. This design maximizes efficiency and reduces headaches common with patch worked systems.


Online and blended courses are in demand. Instead of losing students and revenue to third party online providers, your school can now retain these same students by offering your own high quality online programs.

Making It Easy

Many traditional schools struggle in their attempts to start programs, which can be cost-prohibitive and difficult to implement. FlipSwitch’s school management software and classes are user friendly, reliable, and available 24/7 through hosting technology.

Our Experience

Our expertise comes from 10 years of collaborating with and developing school information systems for one of the largest online schools in the country. This invaluable experience gained from working with administrators and teachers is the inspiration for our designs.

Key Benefits

Management Software

Our School Information System (SIS) is robust, intuitive, and easy to learn. All departments will discover significant efficiencies from the one database design with features and tools that offer incredible levels of detail for documentation, tracking and reporting.


Our SIS tracks all administrative and instructor activity providing clear quantifiable data with respect to individual performance. This represents an excellent way for organizations to clearly set and track staff goals and identify areas for future professional development.


Offering online programs like summer school and credit recovery is not only beneficial in meeting the needs of your student population, but can also be attractive as well to staff members looking for part-time or remote teaching opportunities.


Our Learning Management System (LMS) is highly personalized with each student’s progress and performance tracked in real-time data. This provides teachers with the critical information necessary to help in determining what, if any, changes need to be made.


We have extensive experience creating and managing online programs. Many of our staff have past brick and mortar experience and can provide invaluable insights into the best practices and procedures for your new online program.

Key Benefits


FlipSwitch’s SIS and LMS management software, in addition to its online courses, are accessed by our partners through hosting technology. There is no added technology infrastructure required beyond having high-speed Internet access.

Secure Servers

All client data is stored in secure servers specifically designed to protect highly sensitive school and student information. Data is continually backed up to ensure integrity and as insurance to prevent against loss.

Operational 24/7

We are always striving to deliver the best product and service available. In order to achieve this, our client’s have 24/7 access to our technology, with occasional exceptions for scheduled maintenance and software upgrades.

Easy To Learn and Use

Our systems incorporate the most current technologies making them intuitive and easy to learn. New users typically have very quick learning curves and are proficient with the software within a short period of time.

Technical Support

Help desk and other client support services are available to answer client questions during standard business hours 8 a.m. ­ 5 p.m. PDT Monday through Friday.

Key Benefits

Student Interaction

Our management systems are designed to promote a high level of student / teacher interaction via email, blogs, and course discussions. Teachers additionally have access to a wealth of detailed student information that helps to truly personalize the education.

Instructional Design

Through ten years of experience we have learned to develop curriculum that incorporates a broad range of instructional design theories and practices. This includes elements like virtual labs and learning videos that are meant to engage today’s tech savvy youth.


Teachers love that with FlipSwitch they have a variety of configurable options. Users can custom tailor anything from lesson plans, reports, add blogs, and have personal notes all with the goal to provide highly individualized attention to their students.

Professional Development

Our systems have a variety of assessment features including those for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of faculty. This feature allows organizations to have a proactive position when selecting an individual’s most appropriate course for professional development.


FlipSwitch offers a curriculum of 125+ online courses that are aligned to core, national and state standards including basic, AP, and electives for grades 6-12.

Key Benefits

Designed for the Teen Learner

Based off of 10 years of testing, development, and feedback we have specifically designed our courses for the teen learner. We utilize a dynamic multimedia curriculum that allows students to think through and truly grasp an understanding of the material.


Within our learning management systems teachers provide and have access to detailed notes on the habits and motivators of each student, allowing them to custom tailor lesson plans and help find ways to connect with the student when communicating.

Structured Flexibility

Our online classes give students the flexibility to perform their studies outside of a traditional setting while also providing the rigor and support structure necessary to ensure academic success.

Parent Portal

Is a hub for school-related information. Parents can log from any computer to check attendance, school calendar, and academic progress of their child in addition to scheduling appointments and communicating with teachers.

Student Portal

Is a monitored community network where students can create a profile and communicate with other students to discuss either school related topics or to merely socialize and get to know their peers in a safe environment.