How FlipSwitch Can Solve Your School's Technology Challenges

FlipSwitch is built by educators for educators™. We understand the challenges you face when it comes to technology. If you're like many schools, you're trying to make due with inefficient, fragmented systems that are difficult to use and don't enhance the student experience. In today's competitive climate, your school is in danger of becoming less and less relevant.

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We Have Your Solution

FlipSwitch is a comprehensive solution that gives you all of the benefits of today's technologies without all of the headaches, complexity and expense of other offerings. Our integrated system design works seamlessly, giving you new levels of ownership and control. As a result, you'll become more efficient and experience increased classroom performance.

The benefits of FlipSwitch don't end there. Let's take a look at some of the most common challenges facing today's educators and how FlipSwitch can help you overcome them.



Your school can't reference the data they need to make solid strategic decisions.

Outdated and fragmented technologies struggle to meet the growing demands for school data. From new state laws and regulations to performance standards and beyond, today's schools simply can't manage the information needed to comply with requests, assess performance and make strategic decisions.


FlipSwitch centrally tracks and reports data to promote accountability on every level.

FlipSwitch features a centralized database that gathers, tracks and reports school data based on criteria you define. With a variety of detailed reporting features available, your school can hold everyone accountable to defined expectations, pinpoint areas where improvement is needed and monitor your progress toward higher standards.



Your school conforms to complex systems that don't meet your needs.

For schools looking to update their SIS and LMS, many quickly find it's a "cookie-cutter" world of complex technologies that aren't practical solutions. To get the system they need often increases complexity, commitment and overall cost.


FlipSwitch is designed by educators to easily adapt to your school's operations.

FlipSwitch knows how schools operate because we're educators ourselves. Our technologies are designed to adapt to the way your school functions, through standard features that are easy to configure and simple to use. As a result, you'll feel like your systems were built just for you instead of feeling like you're being forced to work around someone else's.



Your system focuses on administrative tasks at the expense of classroom needs.

Many technology companies don't have the in-depth experience working with schools and your systems, procedures and protocols. As a result, their products can't gather, manage and report the data schools need to be effective, especially when it comes to your students and teachers.


FlipSwitch manages your school performance data and detailed student information.

With FlipSwitch, tasks that used to be complex and disjointed are now quite simple. Our management software operates on a centralized database. This allows you to easily and efficiently collect and format data into relevant reports for everything from state required audits to detailed classroom performance assessments.

Customer Service


Your school doesn't factor cost of ownership into your purchase decision.

FlipSwitch solutions offer predictable costs that work within your budget. We work directly with you to custom tailor solutions that address everything you need to get your online and blended learning programs up, running and growing. It's a simple formula that promotes your school's academic and financial success.


FlipSwitch offers predictable costs and dependable customer service.

Many systems that offer a low purchase price often mask a high cost of ownership that can include costly downtime, patchwork fixes, paid upgrades and extensive training. The key is to look beyond the purchase price to calculate the real cost of your online or blended learning program.



Your school is overwhelmed at the thought of changing systems.

At FlipSwitch, we're educators just like you. We understand your concerns and we speak your language. We'll bring you up to speed on our technologies, their benefits and your costs so you can be completely confident in your decision to partner with us. As your partner, we'll ensure your satisfaction every step of the way, from implementation through daily use.


FlipSwitch partners with you to ensure an easy transition — and beyond.

There are a lot of reasons why schools haven't upgraded their technology systems. However, it has become clear that schools must make the transition to new technologies or lose students to schools who do. New technology is no longer a school luxury. It is now a matter of your very survival.



Your school will lose valuable students and revenue to outside online vendors.

FlipSwitch represents a cost-effective way to create your online and blended learning program. With FlipSwitch, your school can design, manage and operate online programs that attract and retain students. From credit recovery to Advanced Placement courses, it's an affordable solution to stabilize enrollment and generate revenue.


FlipSwitch offers an affordable online learning solution to stabilize enrollment.

Due to a variety of circumstances, more and more students are moving to third party online learning programs, taking critical school revenue with them. Some traditional schools shy away from offering online learning because of perceived costs. But as technology within education continues to grow, those schools will fall even further behind.

Professional Development


Your school does not offer a formal professional development program.

FlipSwitch assists schools in professional development by tracking trends in classroom data. From identifying areas where staff can improve to outlining a curriculum to expand their skill sets, we can help you increase classroom performance and employee morale at a fraction of the cost.


FlipSwitch turns professional development into classroom performance.

The ongoing professional development of teachers and administrators translates into academic success. However, many schools don't have budgets or systems to support staff on their career paths. As result, many employees don't reach their true potential and students never realize the benefits in the classroom.