Honors Courses

Preparing students for the next step

For students looking to extend their education beyond high school, or for those who wish to gain additional insight and tools to better prepare themselves for a seamless transition into the workforce after graduation, honors classes provide a number of valuable learning opportunities to better position themselves for future success. And while they typically require an elevated degree of commitment, honors classes can often be the most enriching and rewarding courses that young learners experience during their high school years.

Honors Courses

Honors classes are designed for high-achieving and motivated learners. Students taking these courses are expected to demonstrate: a high level of critical thinking, the ability to conduct independent research, and provide a more in-depth analysis of course topics.

Studies have shown that the rigor of a student’s high school curriculum is often the best indicator for college success. Honors courses can help ease a student’s transition from high school to college by allowing them to build confidence in their ability to perform at a (higher level), develop good study habits to accommodate their busy workload, and have a better understanding of how to effectively manage their time.

Aside from helping students prepare for the rigors of a post-secondary education, honors classes can also improve a student’s college application, helping them stand apart from their peers and making their application more attractive to admissions officers by providing a clear demonstration of their capabilities and preparedness for a college level education.