Credit Recovery

Keeping students on the path to graduation

The importance of graduating from high school cannot be understated for today’s youth. More than ever, students are faced with a variety of distractions that can directly contribute to them falling behind in school, ultimately jeopardizing their ability to earn a high school diploma. That is why it is essential for schools to offer students a credit recovery program; to help keep them on track to graduate and further their future academic and career aspirations.


Getting back on track

There are a variety of reasons why some students fall behind in their schoolwork and require the assistance of a credit recovery program. Whether it’s due to illness, work, extracurricular activities like sports or music, family responsibilities, too many absences, peer pressure or bullying, credit recovery provide students with the opportunity to earn the credits they need to graduate.

With 100% online courses, students have the flexibility to work on their courses at a the time that works best for their schedule.

Providing a Second Chance

FlipSwitch offers a comprehensive and flexible online learning approach for students looking to make up the credits necessary to graduate from high school. As a full-time or concurrent enrollee, students can take FlipSwitch’s curriculum through a partnering school to make up credit or raise their GPA.

FlipSwitch provides students who have fallen behind with an alternative solution to overcoming their learning challenges. The provided interactive learning techniques help explain the concepts they may have previously struggled to grasp while providing them with a clear and all-new approach to mastering the required course content for graduation.

FlipSwitch’s credit recovery program offers a full complement of general studies courses, along with a variety of fun and exciting elective opportunities to broaden each student’s interests. FlipSwitch’s online credit recovery solution provides students with the opportunity to further their education, get caught up on credits, and remain on the path to graduation.

FlipSwitch - Credit Recovery