Common Core

Standards for a New Tomorrow

In an effort to improve the quality of education students receive today, the Common Core State Standards were created to provide a consistent understanding of what all students are expected to learn in school, while also reflecting the skills and knowledge they will need in order to be successful in college, their careers, and life.

FlipSwitch Common Core

Common Core Curriculum

Nowadays, students are expected to do more than just recite the facts and concepts taught to them in school; they must understand and apply those concepts to create and solve something meaningfully. Common Core curriculum helps shift the student objective from content mastery to skill competency by raising achievement standards and requiring that students demonstrate a higher level of thinking and acute subject comprehension.

Getting a Head Start

FlipSwitch’s unique instructional design is well-suited to both assist students in accomplishing these objectives and measure their competency in doing so. Additionally, the data generated by the FlipSwitch solution system makes it easier for schools to evaluate teacher effectiveness, a key component of the Common Core initiative.

Courses designed by FlipSwitch are built to provoke deep thinking and critical skill learning development for students, and are aligned to meet the Common Core course criteria. Schools that implement the FlipSwitch system will have a head start towards truly effective teaching and learning by creating a clear and defined framework for student learning and a pathway for future success.