Student Information System

It's the finely tuned engine that makes it all go

We designed our Student Information System (SIS) with the user in mind every step of the way. We took into consideration that you’d want it to be configurable, reliable, and intuitive as well as have an appealing interface. The information is easily accessible, bringing a new level of simplicity and personalization to school management software.

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Student Information System(SIS): Dashboard

Student Information System(SIS): Academic Information Student Information System(SIS) Contacts

Student Dashboards

At a Glance Information

Our scrolling header helps to view pertinent information at a glance. Information like contact info, bios, class schedules and notes are organized in a way that is easy to reference when viewing profiles.

Student Notes

Administrators and teachers can keep detailed notes on the goals, struggles, motivators, and current situations of each student to greater personalize their interactions and to help students stay focused and motivated.


Heat charts track critical student attendance information. Valuable data is also provided for tracking when students are logging in, their class schedule, progress, and GPA standing.

Transcript Tool

Smart Forms

As student data is continually stored, that information will then auto populate common entry fields when registering a new student thereby reducing the time necessary for fields like: prior school standards, diploma types, transferable credits, etc.

Automated Grad Plans

When entering a student’s transcript form from their previous school, our built in algorithms process past course credits, formulate a revised GPA, and map out a new graduation progress that is relevant to the present school’s standards and diploma types.

SIS Computer

Household Information

Student Guardian Information

Parents, legal guardians, or approved decision makers contact information is readily available.

Family Dynamics

Complex information like who receives emergency calls, who makes authorizations, or who can pick up the student is easily seen. This helps reduce a school’s liability when it comes to complicated situations.


Protected Information

All student records are in a secure environment that is password protected, keeping in line with educational privacy standards.

Administrative Access

Administrators can grant access to faculty in varying degrees to determine who can see and edit information in the system.

Special Features

Lock-out: Users can be locked out of the system (instead of deleted) and reactivated as needed.

Impersonate: Supervisors or IT can log in as a different individual within the organization, to make changes during special circumstances.



Our online application provides a wide range of configurable options.

The user has control of what questions are asked, what fields are required, and the type of questions presented (multiple choice, check boxes, questionnaires, etc.)


FlipSwitch works with the user to change these applications as needed.