Parent Student Portal

Keeping Parents and Students Aware of Vital Information

FlipSwitch’s Parent Student Portal (PSP) is a multi-purpose communication and reporting hub within the Learning Management System. All information and data within the PSP is provided in “real time” including anything from notifications to grade book. Parents and students are also provided their own personal log-ins and have unique viewing privileges with respect to what they have access to see.

Parent Student Portal (PSP): Courses Screen

The Parent's View

Parents can access the Parent Portal at any time of the day through a secure log-in password. Their access allows them to review their student’s attendance, class schedule, grades and graduation progress.

PSP Parent Student Portal

The Community: The Hallways of Your Online School

Student Interaction

The Community is a virtual social network within the PSP that is exclusive to your school. Within the network students can post pictures, bios, communicate with one another about class work or socially, join clubs, vote, and “Like” or add friends similar to popular social networks like Facebook.

Completely Monitored

The Community however is unique in that it is a monitored environment with rules that can be established by the school. School staff can be assigned to oversee and set precedents regarding etiquette and appropriate content so the Community represents a safe environment for students to interact.

PSP Software Community

My Progress: A Guidance Counselor at Your Fingertips

Graduation Progress

Within the PSP’s My Progress students have a comprehensive view of all the elements related to their progress toward graduation. Easy to read charts and graphs display such things as student’s current grade point average, future class requirements, and a projected timeline for graduation. Providing this level of detailed information takes the mystery out of the how’s and why’s behind a student’s performance and empowers a student to take action in the necessary areas.