Learning Management System

Engaging Students in a Personalized Way

Our digital classroom is engineered specifically for the teenage mind using technologies that are user friendly. Course blogs and classroom discussions allow for collaborative learning while providing the essential sense of community. Students can customize the interface to their liking such as choosing color or layout. Teachers also have the opportunity to augment curriculum to personalize their courses through adding videos, links, and notes.

Learning Management Software (LMS): Unit Index

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Designed with the Teen Learner in Mind

Through years of research and applied learning we have come to understand that a one size fits all mentality does not work. Our Learning Management System, from interface design to functionality, is meant to specifically address the needs and interests of the teen learner. Once inside the digital classroom students will immediately notice this difference. Learning and navigation is a breeze as functionality and layout are consistent throughout the system. The interface design is colorful and can be customized to each user’s likes. And courses contain a variety of technologies so each style of learner is actively engaged.

LMS Designed for the teen student

Multiple Points of Student Contact


This area gives teachers their own space to fully personalize the course by providing directions with more detail than the basic syllabus.

Message Center

The Message Center represents a great way for teachers to stay in regular contact with students, parents and other teachers to ensure a high level of one-on-one interaction.



Students can collaborate within the Discussion portal by participating in threaded discussions providing a rich learning environment for students to express themselves in a more informal collaborative environment.

Customizable Workplaces

Combine Windows

Within the LMS users can customize the views of lesson content. For example a user can have written content, a work problem and an instructional video all displayed simultaneously providing a synchronous way to relate the content being viewed or read with the questions being asked.

Personalize Display Themes

Students can customize their classroom interface by picking from a variety of colors and patterns to suit their personality. At the completion of each activity, students can weigh in with their opinions on the themes through a rating poll.

LMS Customizable Workspaces

LMS Course Gradebook

Course Gradebook

View Progress at a Glance

In the Course Gradebook, students can view detailed information about their progress in the various courses that they take. This information is displayed in various ways, including charts and graphs that show progress over time.