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Completing our full solution suite is FlipSwitch’s 135+ course curriculum. Aligned to core, national, and state standards our full complement of basic courses encompass subjects areas of math, science, language arts, and social studies for grades 6-12. Additionally, we offer a host of credit recovery, electives, and advanced placement courses to meet the programmatic needs of your school.

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Curriculum Design Philosophy

FlipSwitch’s curriculum team spent a great deal of thought and time when designing our course offerings. The primary objective of our lesson architecture is to provide a balanced lesson plan that is teen friendly. This includes using a comprehensive blend of methodologies and mediums that address the various learning styles and promote complete understanding of the subject matter at the conclusion of each course. The following represent two of these approaches.


Subject matter mastery is not complete without applying the concepts being taught. In our courses each concept is presented three times and three different ways. To enhance understanding activities play a large role. These activities can either be “live” synchronous or asynchronous, but typically focus on mediums or technologies that engage young students and lend themselves to demonstrating the thought process of the student.


FlipSwitch’s courses are designed to have a fair amount of teacher/student interaction. Each course lesson contains feedback tools where the teacher can provide detailed notes to a student regarding an assignment or activity. Students also have numerous ways to reach out to the teacher. Additionally, to promote ongoing communication and feedback every lesson also contains unit long discussion projects that are mentored by the teacher.

Meeting Your Needs

FlipSwitch courses can be used within any academic calendar including standard semesters, quarters, or summer school time frame. The pacing of these courses is entirely customizable to the user’s unique start dates.

Depending on your school’s programmatic needs, the courses can be used to augment your existing curriculum, used for a blended or hybrid classroom environment, or represent the core foundation for an entirely online program.

FlipSwitch Courses meeting the needs of kids.