Our Approach

At FlipSwitch we deliver our benefits to schools, districts and teachers by focusing on the student. We want to encourage students to become lifelong learners who are affluent with today's technology and enjoy the challenge of reaching their true potential. That's why our products and services offer a superior online experience that generates a genuine enthusiasm for learning.

"All children have the potential to succeed when provided with the right tools."
Damian Creamer, Founder
FlipSwitch Learning Management System

Our curriculum offers a broad selection of core, elective, AP and recovery courses suitable for a wide range of students. Our technology can also accommodate many different learning styles into our instructional design. We encourage group collaboration and extensive teacher interaction to provide feedback, guidance and encouragement to every student, every step of the way.

The FlipSwitch suite of offerings gives traditional schools superior tools that are easy to use. With better tools, everyone can work more efficiently and effectively to provide the platform that brings each student a personalized educational experience. As a result, schools and districts can retain the valued students and families by giving them the online educational options they demand.