FlipSwitch is the result of more than ten years of research and development in the online learning industry. Founded in 2001 as American Virtual Academy (AVA) by visionary Damian Creamer, the company started as the exclusive technology and curriculum partner for a young, upstart institution in Arizona named Primavera Online High School.

In this collaborative environment, AVA regularly consulted with administrators, teachers, and students in an effort to continually improve online education. Over the years this relationship blossomed, spurring the development of technology and curriculum that brought new levels of sophistication and focus for the teen learner. As a result Primavera soon became one of the largest online high schools in the country, reaching an annual enrollment of over 6,000 students.

Today as FlipSwitch, we continue to evolve. Our products, professional consulting and real-world training services assist schools in the creation and management of successful online learning programs. Our passion is to empower educators to stay true to their commitment of keeping students motivated to learn.

FlipSwitch History